Saturday, July 29, 2006

Introducing Noah John Mihelis

Finally, the preliminary pics are IN!!! First, a word of apology: I promised these would be up much sooner than they were. Sadly, though the maternity ward and L&D wing of Chesapeake General are phenominal in there nursing care (and I mean that; they were all AWESOME!), our beloved hospital is still in the dark ages. You guessed wireless. Even sadder, no houses in the neighborhood had a strong enough signal to steal from :-) Oh they are. Introducing....Noah John Mihelis (and family). First the lovely mama and the little stud:

Next, the big stud...okay, the Daddy and the little stud:

And of course, our first family portrait:

Finally, the little stud all by himself, posing no less :-)

Check the guns and the neck! It's already been predicted that he's going to take after his Dad and be a wrestler (spare the singlet comments Baylor :-) Furthermore, his personality in the nursery brought to mind that melodic refrain from the great poet/philosopher George Thorougood:

On the day I was born, the nurses all gathered gaze with wide wonder and the joy they had found. The head nurse spoke up....said leave this one alone....they could tell right away...I was bad to the bone!

Yes, when I got him out of the nursery, the nurse who works in there was all too happy to see him go. It appears he's a cute little bundle of depravity and he was throwing fits. However, he calmed right down in our room, so we like to think he just wanted to be with Mom and Dad.

Finally, the stats: Noah was born at Saturday July 29, 2006 at 4:17 pm weighing 8lbs even and measuring 20 inches. Feel free to visit us at Chesapeake General Sunday afternoon/evening! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hey Nate,
Let me be the first to comment, he is absolutely beautiful, not that I am in anyway predjudice! He is handsome like his Daddy! Not much predjudice there either! Congrats my wonderful kids, thanks for an amazing grandson! Love, Annie the Grannie! :-) aka: Mom

Shannon said...

Congratulations! What a handsome son. I think the staff at Ches. General felt the same way about Esther when she left the nursery. And I ditto about the hospital being behind - it took us forever to get pictures uploaded. You're pretty fast!

Enjoy the next few days with your little one - there's nothing that compares to those first weeks - even if you are sleep-deprived. :)

Blair said...

Congratulations Nate and Dawn! Little Noah is such a cutie. Glad to hear that he is here safe and everyone is doing well. Can't wait to get our Noah's together!

Luther's Stein said...

Congratulations Nate and Dawn! We were praying so hard for you and the delivery of Noah! We are very thankful that God was so kind.

Anonymous said...

Nate & Dawn,

we are so thankful to the Lord for His gracious gift to you! Kari Weldon is here for a visit, so she got to see the pictures of Noah & asked me to pass on her congratulations. As I'm headed off for a nap I'm praying that the Lord will give much strength and energy in the days to come as you adjust to sleeping & feeding schedules :-). Our hearts are truly overjoyed for you.

Phil & Juliana Elie (& Kari!)

Chris Bruno said...

Congratulations Nate and Dawn. He looks like quite a bruiser.

MOsborne20 said...

We rejoice with you! "For the promise is for you and ufor your children (Acts 2:39)." I'm not sure what this means exactly; nonetheless it gives me hope that God is for me and my children. May Noah experience the promise of the Spirit!

Chris Bruno said...

Mike's comment cracks me up. I agree.

LMLogan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! and I must say he's much cuter in person!! praying you adjust being home well and that dawn will heal quickly!! love you guys!! :)

G said...

That is fan-friggin'-tastic guys! Very happy to have a new neighbor. Feel free to call if you need anything at all.


Abby Turner said...

CONGRATULATIONS! He is absolutely adorable! Praise the Lord for Noah!!

Katrina said...

Congrats again from the Hines'!

He is a cutie and looks so healthy! Bad to the bone might be a stretch though!

Enjoy this great new time in your lives - Parents!!

Anonymous said...

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Kristin said...

Congratulations! He is a cutie. Dawn you looked great sunday morning! Please call if you need ANYTHING!
Kristin & Russell

cj hanks said...

congrats i just found out about noah john and saw the pictures he is beatiful
enjoy him for he will grow very fast

love you both love auntie lene and everyone else