Sunday, January 07, 2007

Recent Acquisition

Cokesbury comes through again! Every so often we stumble onto a phenomenal sale at Cokesbury (located right behind Hooters on Battlefield for those in VA Beach - yes it's a terrible landmark, but you know right where I'm talking about :-) This time Julie discovered a 50% off inventory reduction sale and was gracious enough to let us know. Ok, I was with her husband when she called, but he could have lied and said he had to tend to a family emergency (I wouldn't put it past him :-) Anyway, this was one of my treasures, acquired for just $10. I couldn't wait to at least page turn through it (the typical fate of most of my books) so I gave it a go yesterday afternoon (which we spent at the beach...I love VA in January!). Suffice it to say, this is one of the first books I've ever come under conviction through from just flipping through the pages and randomnly stopping. I can hardly wait to read the whole thing (silence, you scoffers). Just consider this representative quote from his synthesis:

"Again, Jesus; model of ministering to people of all backgrounds challenges us to cross the culture-gap between the Christian sub-culture of cozy meetings and holy talk and the pagan culture of our local community. The task of identification with and incarnation into our contemporary paganism, of all kinds is one of the biggest tasks confronting the church. If Jesus was right, and the prevailing view in ancient Judaism wrong, so that holiness can be more contagious than impurity, then we need not fear such activity. the sad examples of Christians being corrupted and adopting the sinful practices of their non-Christian acquaintances with whom they associate is a testimony to thier unwillingness to rely on the Spirit's power and not a disproof of the viability of Jesus model" (p. 173).

Now that's not Nate Mihelis talking (though I've been trumpeting the last sentence since I burst the bubble of Bible College after graduating from such a sub-culture), nor is it even Driscoll. It's Craig Blomberg, as a summation and application of 160 plus pages of wrestling with OT, NT and Intertestimental texts! Good stuff, though it's bound to step on your toes. Gotta love those United Methodists (especially their book sales)!


Pitchford said...

I've been impressed with the NSBT series -- I read Salvation to the Ends of the Earth, by Kostenberger and O'Brien, awhile back, and it was excellent. Blomberg sounds appetizing as well.

You'll have to give us a full review after you've read it from cover to cover. By then I'll be in a mursing home, no doubt, and have plenty of time on my hands to appreciate it.

Pitchford said...

Ahem, "nursing home," that is.

smlogan said...
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smlogan said...

it looks sweet;
blomberg is an nt all-star.

i'm with you.
it was nice to read a bib. theo. of mission, and not so much of the fairy-tales and glory stories we heard at you-know-where. those are fine on some level, but you just can't improve on the sacred text - and k&b nailed it.

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks for the shout out Mihelis :o)

Anonymous said...

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