Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Clarification: "On Broken Fellowship"

The faculty is NOT in agreement with what I defended in Senior Sem. Apparently I misunderstood their comments in class. Pastor Daniel (our seminary President) received word from someone who read the previous post and asked me to clarify. I can give more details if someone's curious, but it would be a bit lengthy to rehash all of our conversation here. The sum of the matter is that while those in class (Dr. Mike and DKD) agreed with my exegesis of 1 John 1, they did not agree with the extent of my conclusions and how they impact other passsages. I still stand by my conclusions (though as I mentioned I need to think them through further), but the clarification is that I misunderstood the profs in class. They do NOT agree with my conclusions. I tried to modify the original post and I think I may have accidently deleted the whole thing in the process. It is NOT censorship, just technological incompetence on my part. I'll see if I can salvage it.


Luther's Stein said...

It was the title that did you in Mihelis - Griff will never win in "militant separatism" has he is disposed to calling it.

David said...

every one's a hat'r. every one's a hat'r. bunch o' playahatin hoods, man. get the post back up, sucka.