Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Christians and Politics

This is an area I've been quasi interested in for the last few years, but never interested enough to think it through to clarity. I still haven't and I know some people may think I'm an unfaithful steward of the Gospel for admitting such a verity. However, if pressed I would probably espouse something similar to what Scot McKnight has posted here.

*Interestingly enough this means I like Greg Boyd's statements (Never thought I'd be typing those words); at least as quoted by McKnight (I didn't read Boyd's article -- once again my political lethargy surfaces).


G said...

Very interesting link, Nate. I've quietly struggled the past few years with the trend to make patriotism a part of the Gospel, and God's national promises to Israel bleed over into the United Sates. Bob Bixby recently had a decent post on patriotic services in church at and on the pledge of allegiance at

Anonymous said...

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