Saturday, April 28, 2007

Still Not Afraid :-)

As I've made more progress into my new read pictured a post or two back, I've discovered two things: 1) The book probably isn't as "laymen" friendly as the author would like to think (in the first few pages alone, he uses the terms zeitgeist and demythologize--but hey, PCA laymen are probably more broadly read than most). And 2) Where my affinity for postmodernism came from - namely, presuppositional apologetics. Smith argues that this approach to apologetics rests on an epistemological approach that is shot through with pomo (i.e. no such thing as a brute fact, all evidence is interpreted, etc.). I couldn't figure out why or where I began to enjoy postmodernism rather than decry its evils. Smith helped me to see that I began the postmodern turn back with my boys Bahnsen and Van Till (who are both likely either rolling over in their graves or rejoicing in the presence of angels as I type this). Anyway, the more I read, the more I commend the book!

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