Thursday, August 02, 2007

Down but Not Out

I haven't been online at all this week, in fact I'm a bit scared to check my google reader account. Nevertheless, I've heard I've been mocked at least once for my reading habits (again) on at least one blog during my online sabbatical. I've been working through a 3 week certification process at work that culminated this week and my Mom has been in town visiting for Noah's b-day. Therefore, whatever time hasn't been spent at HSBC has been spent with my fam squeezing in occaisional sleep only when necessary. Anyway, all that said, I should be back into the swing of things in the blogosphere by the beginning of next week. Some food for thought - I'm wanting to do a post on the whether or not individual conversion is/should be at the heart of the Gospel. I have been thinking on this theme for the last few months as a result of some time spent in the Gospels this past spring and some conversations with James Lane in our Sunday School class at BBC. Some recent days in the first few chapters of Acts has brought me back to this issue and I plan to post some thoughts on it first thing next week.

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Bob said...

Sweet. Looking forward to it!