Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cokesbury Rocks!

Okay I may be one of the last few stuck in Virginia, but nothing beats Cokesbury's book sales. They're finishing off what's left of their inventory reduction and now it's down to bags. Bags? you ask...yes bags. You buy a bag and take home whatever you can fit in it. Today's accquisitions:

Science and Religion: An Introduction - McGrath
Engaging God's World - Platinga
The Ressurection of Jesus - Wright and Crossan in Dialogue
A Biblical Theology of Exile - Smith-Christopher
The Last Days of Jesus - Bovon
The Romans Debate - Donfried
Justified Before God - Kaiber
He Came Down from Heaven (on Preexistence) - McCready
Jesus and the Father - Giles
Breaking the DaVinci Code - Bock
Truth and Fiction in the DaVinci Code - Ehrman
From Christ to the Word - an ethics reader including everyone from Calvin and Luther to Hauerwas and Yoder.

How much was the bag? a measly $5. They never saw me coming...


S&s said...

From those of us who are here in VA too, please let us know about these sales before they are over. Of course you will after you get your own, but before they are over, thanks mate.


Russell W. White said...

Dude, you know the drill. Start the phone tree going!!!

Nate Mihelis said...

Hey, it's still running - get there while you can!

Blair said...

James is sad to be missing out on this! He usually stocks up during this sale.

smlogan said...

right mihelis,
you want us to believe that they didn't see a big ugly guy in a wife-beater with a celtic cross on his shoulder coming?
come now...

what are you, the crocodile hunter?
this is america, you dingo.

Dawn said...


I still have a hard time feeling too bad for James, seeing he cleaned them out the first time he visited :-)

We miss you guys and are praying for you!

Nate Mihelis said...

Sorry about that, I was logged in under Dawn's user id. Oops.

Pitch said...

What's worse, Mihelis: posting anonymously, or stealing someone else's id?

smlogan said...

well said.