Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Long Overdue

It has been suggested on several occaisions that I may be guilty of a sort of blogo-snobbery in my neglect to link to Dave Wetzel's blog :-) Perhaps the real reason is the name: Boan-head-erges - Sons of Blunder. I'm not sure if I should feel flattered or mocked - probably a combination of both :-) Either way, I admit it has been long overdue, though not for any of the above reasons; rather because I'm lazy and other than updating my link to Euangelion, I haven't modified my links since I started this blog. Anyway, you'll notice Dave's blog in the links on the left margin and get some genuine enjoyment out of his posts if you check it out. Wetzel, to make up for the wait, I have dedicated this entire post to your blog :-) Cheers!


Abby Turner said...

Oh, why'd you have to devote ALL this space to Dave :-) Is he REALLY worth that?! HA! Hope you (and Dave) know that I'm just kidding around - I miss that fun time!!

Mwelwa said...


Really. I'm touched. Thanks for the props. Now I feel kinda bad for nagging you.


Don't be such a hater. We've already discussed your problem with jealousy.


Mwelwa said...

PS - It was only meant as a compliment (and a good chuckle), by the way. I'm admitting that compared to you (and many of the other guys you have linked here, I'm a theological "boan-head".

Now if you want to talk about collections, that may be a different story. ;o)