Friday, September 29, 2006

McKnight on "Calminians"

Scot McKnight has been doing an interesting series of posts over at Jesus Creed on Calvinism and Arminianism. Though he is no Calvinist, the posts are excellent and needed; especially if you're a "Hiper" Calvinist (yes logan, that's intentionally spelled wrong - I'm referring here not to those who forbid freely preaching the Gospel to all, but to calvinisits who are hiper about it [you know, of the Adam Thomas variety]). Since I include myself in this category and many who read this blog are also, I've linked to one of the posts here. I love the last sentence because it's soooo true and most attempting to straddle the fence won't admit it. Nevertheless, he brings a very good balance (even though I hate that word :-)

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robertlhall said...

I think its interesting that to defend the issue of perspective and insurmountable problems he quotes Jerry Walls as saying, "The Calvinist cannot tell us why or on what basis God chooses some for salvation and passes others by." Is this a true statement? I think we would agree Ephesians 1 settles this, and Piper would say along with it that God does it because He is pleased to glorify himself in this way.

But you are right, the big idea that you can't be a fence straddler is huge. I recently heard someone saying how Calvinists harp on only one teaching (sovereignty) to the exclusion of others. I disagree--harping on sovereignty helps put the color in the black and white of the others.