Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dever on Evangelism and the Gospel

Justin Taylor has posted links to some free Sovereign Grace MP3's of Mark Dever that have led to his most recent publication on evangelism. If you've ever listened to Dever, talked with him or read what he's written (and I've been blessed to do all 3) you'll know he is a gifted "evangelist" (gosh I hate to use that term) who's incredibly sensitive to the Spirit's moving. Good stuff I wanted to link to for my own benefit.


jeremy brown said...

Thanks for linking to this Nate. I've really been thinking a lot about evangelism - or more appropriately, the lack thereof - in my own life over the last months. I'll certainly take advantage of this stuff.

Dawn said...

Same here. I already started listening to it and not only is it helpful, it's encouraging. Dever starts off by noting some of his own weeknesses and shortcomings. His confession was so encouraging to me because from everything I've seen he is such a good "evangelist" (for lack of a better term).

Nate Mihelis said...

Oops, that was really me, I was just still logged in under Dawn :-)