Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update on My Reading

Amazingly and ironically I'm perservearing in Calvin's Institutes. Sure, I'm a little behind the curve, but I passed the halfway point of the first volume this past weekend (which is to say I'm almost 1/3 of the way through the whole) and still going. The prognosis, however, is not nearly as good for Marshall's NT Theology. In fact, I haven't touched it in almost two weeks and though I did pound out about 175 pages, I've decided to officially abandon the pursuit. No real criticism for Marshall, it's just not exactly what I was looking for. Much of the material is sort of an advanced survey. I don't personally profit much from this type of approach. I never know whether it would help or hinder to have a text open alongside; I think surveys work best for me when I'm the one doing the survey, firsthand. His synthesis was fantastic though and if you're like me and don't think the survey material matches your learning style you owe it to yourself to at least read the synthesis sections. In it's place, you'll notice on the side margin that I've replaced (yes replacement theology at work here) it with Hay's book on ethics (props to Barker for hooking me up with this volume), which I just started this morning and it looks very promising.


G said...

Dude, what's up with reviewing books you haven't finished reading? What do you think about it, Bob? ;)

smlogan said...

even so, come marshall - and teach this wayward son obedience.

i started hays' book this summer, but sadly did not have enough time to pursue it due to class reading.
but it does look sweet.

Nate Mihelis said...


BELIEVE me, I did have second thoughts about posting on Marshall's NT after reading my boy C. Blom's words (notice I was careful not even to use a full name here, just in case). That's actually why I waited so long. But I think my words were benign; I'm not criticizing him, just saying it's not what I needed. Then again, that's not all that different from what my boy Bob did... :-) BTW, Bob, I actually did appreciate your review, I was just scared to post such in view of the preceding discussion. Props for having the balls to go toe to toe :-)


What's the matter, a sweet school like TEDS doesn't have that on the recommended reading list? And you didn't have to read it for your previous masters degree either? Sure, you just care about the grade, not the education. You're so arrogant.

MOsborne20 said...


This has nothing to do with your current reading, although I am glad that you can read and that you are doing it!

Anyway, I am preaching tomorrow on the gospel (which should always be the case in one way or another), and I am pretty sure some unbelievers will be there. So, I have still been wrestling with the essence of the gospel question. I think I have had a mini-breakthrough on my side. I asked you in one comment, "Are you comfortable saying that the essence of the gospel is that Jesus is Lord and Savior?" That is redundant. Jesus means 'the one who saves His people from their sins.' So it is redundant to ask the question the way I did! Your point that Jesus is Lord is all that needs to be said. The good news is that the one who saves His people from their sins is Lord of all! Glory to the Spirit for further clarification, and thanks to you for edifying conversation.

smlogan said...

you sound like fressel...
and i'm sure it's on the reading list for advanced NT studies, but i'm in ST for now. as for my previous master's - how dare you.

Nate Mihelis said...

Just got back into the blogosphere - Osborne, thanks for the update, I love the dialogue just miss doing it face to face.

Logan, you knew it was coming :-)