Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seminary, Automobiles and the Providence of God

I was inclined to try and start this as a meme, but decided just to post my experience along my best recollection of some of my buddies. I remember being in high school wondering if I'd ever really have my own car or just end up driving my folks' car for the rest of my life. Yet, reflecting back on the Lord's provision during my time in seminary it's remarkable to think of how many I've had. Since Baylor, Barker and Logan have been my boys since back in the day, I thought I total up the list just between us four during our days in grad school:

The Mihelis Family:
1997 Ford Escort
What we had when we got to VA Beach with no AC and 98+ temps we traded it FAST
1997 Saturn SL
Hey, it had AC. Plus it only had 60K for miles - still running at 134+
1990 Honda Prelude
Chery bomb muffler, lousy paint job, but a pioneer cd player, my first sunroof, all wheel drive AND all wheel steering
1996 Dodge Stratus
By far the most fun car to drive I've had - driven in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, DC, Milwaukee and several other major metropolitan areas. Totalled by an idiot driving without a license
1999 Chevy Astro
Though I swore I'd never drive a mini-van, it was provided by some folks in our church - Jehovah Jireh - and we camped in it-literally (and you know how i feel about that word)
1990 Volvo 740
From a mini van to a station wagon and all that before our firstborn - wow, but again a marvelous provision of the Lord...and probably the 2nd most fun car to drive I've had even if the sun roof was a hand crank
2001 Ford Explorer
Hands down the nicest car we've ever owned and I love four wheelin on the beach

The Baylors
1990(?) Honda Civic
I think all of us drove this one at one point or another, even after the accident and duct tape
1996(?) Ford Escort
A hatchback and one of the ugliest ever made
Honda CRX
One of the nicer cars Baylor ever had and he got rid of it
Chevy Malibu?
I'm not sure if I even have the make right here, but it's still runnin also after an accident
Honda CR-V
Though I haven't seen it, it's still probably the nicest ride they've had yet

The Barkers
The (Eagle) Summit
You'll notice this is the ONLY one on the list with a definate article. I had to wipe away tears even as I typed it...a moment of silence please.
1995ish Geo (Chevy?) Metro
Nuff said, but boy with gas prices I'd love it today
Blue Ford Something
All I know is after a week or two of deafening metalic squeeling, the axle finally sheered and the front right wheel went one way and the car went the other.
Chevy Malibu
First a loner from Jones and eventually became a lent-to-own
Nissan Pathfinder
They were the first to pick up an SUV and hooked us up with a cool dealer, again a nice ride

The Logans
Dodge Dakota
A nice truck that's still in "the fam" - last I knew Jordan was driving it
The Crocket and Tubbs Motorcycle
Okay, had to bust out the definate article again, but hey, it was pastel
Logan graduated to a real bike (sorry Jones)
1995ish Toyota Camry
Logan's dowry - Lindsey hooks him up with a decent ride - totaled in a wreck that revealed the Lord's marvelous hand of protection
Pimp daddy logan rides again - I changed the breaks on this one
2000something Chevy Blazer
Yes, all of us have SUV's these days

Sum total - 23 cars for four families during grad school (and Baylor and Barker aren't done yet). Did I miss any?


Luther's Stein said...

Several things here. First, congratulations on a substantive post Nate!
Second, it isn't a chevy malibu, it is an Oldsmobile Cutlass LS.
Third, the CRV is the nicest ride we've owned.
Fourth, we sold the CRX to buy our house.
Fifth, it should be mentioned that Jordan Heijermans and I ran a painting business with a 32' ladder out of my Civic hatchback and that after the accident Logan drove it around for 6 months with a crunched passanger side door and after this sold it for $300 -- I think it deserves the freakin' definite article.

Luther's Stein said...

BTW it really is amazing how God provided all these vehicles. The CRV is the first car that Julie and I have purchased -- all the others were given to us.

Oh, and as for the Ford Escort, we couldn't even give that one to Eggleston's . . . no lie.

Tim Barker said...

Absolutely hilarious Mihelis.

Chevy Astro...remember I put my butt through your radio and smashed the dashboard.

The Summit will always be missed. We still commeorate it to Doc Griffiths and our BJU Roadtrip with Hayton's poor driving habits.

The Blue ford was Like a Mark VI (yes 6 not 7) courtesy of Dave Wilson. It had automatic everything in the interior.

The Chevy from Jones is still running, but it is a 1997 Lumina.

Mihelis you love the Malibu, but I don't think any of us have owned one, but you listed it twice!

smlogan said...

nice post, nate.
it was good for a laugh, and for a moment of reflection and praise.

good call, barker...
no malibus in this big dysfunctional family.

jeileenbaylor said...

This one really made me laugh! Great idea for a post :o)

Nate Mihelis said...

Thanks for the input and I'm glad it was enjoyed by others as much as by me.

I must have picked up Malibu from Baylor's fav flick - Malibu's Most Wanted...I think he did a cameo.

Barker, I don't know how I could have forgotten your customization of my dashboard in the Asstro (yes that was intentional).