Monday, April 03, 2006

Hazardous Waste Removal

A recent moral dilemma has caused me to consider providing a new service to the body of Christ. What do you do when you have theology books that you used to think were sweet, but have since come to realize they're junk? If you sell them to others you become a partaker in their eisegesis and poor theology and all for the sake of gaining unrighteous mammon. Keeping them takes up bookshelf space which is a precious commodity for those of us with expanding families. Giving them away is almost as bad as selling them. So what do you do? I've recently encountered such a dilemma in dealing with my sets of Vincent and Wuest word studies. Stockpiled with exegetical fallacies and textbook examples of the "gold nugget" approach to interpretation, these volumes must be kept out of the hands of those who may mishandle them. I am so committed to a minimalistic approach to linguistics (if my "The Value of Wordstudies: Some Thoughts on When You Might WANT to Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater" didn't convince you, this might) that I've come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is throw them away. Yes, it's appalling to bibliophiles to think of throwing away a book, but it is far better to commit such sacralige than to allow them to fall into the wrong hands and become a tool for the dark side (pardon the Star Wars analogy). So if you can't bring yourself to follow through with such an action, as a ministry to the Body, I will offer my service to those of you in the blogosphere - send me your junk and I'll "take out the trash." :-)


David said...

i've experienced the same battle of conscience. hey, it isn't love unless you throw it away. that's what i say.

Anonymous said...

if it's true love - if you really give them away - they'll come back ;]