Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MA Thesis on Wright and Barth - Full Text

I'm becoming increasingly impressed with Wikipedia as a resource. I was reading some stuff on Critical Realism in the Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible yesterday and was curious if Wikipedia would actually have anything on the topic. Not only did they have a decent entry, it listed their link to NT Wright (another excellent Wikipedia entry) on account of his articulation of critical realism. Wikipedia is impressively current and more regulated than I first thought (at one point, I went off on it as an absurd, extreme product of postmodernism: i.e. truth is not objective but rather a construct formed in community). While browsing the Wright entry I came across this link to an electronic text of an MA thesis comparing Wright's theological method to Barth's. Amazing. The world truly is flat.


David said...

I like Wright's general take on hermeutics from the quoted-in-Wikipedia volume. it starts with 60+ pages on hermeneutics, and it was oh, so tasty. highly recommend it if you're among those "running through the night to find your [hermeneutical system] in this world."

adam said...

I am growing in my appreciation of the Wikipedia site ever since My class with Dr. Ebert on Hebrews. There was some sweet stuff on intertextuality within modern media that I thought was interesting. The Simpsons were actually a major source of intertextuality so I know you would immediately love it. However, as I have said before, I would only watch the Simpsons if I were not a Christian!

Anyway, what's the deal with not having to have any credentials to write a Wikipedia article? How can you guarantee the info?

NWMihelis said...


Where is this tasty 60 pages? Are you refering to NTPG or something I can access on Wikipedia?


Agreed. The lack of credentials was what first bothered me. However, 1) Most of what I've seen is pretty sweet 2) as Piper has observed, "Most of the worst teacher in the world have PhD's.

RE Simpsons - 1) Thomas, as much as I doubt the veracity of your conversion, you may as well watch the Simpsons 2) It is probably far more wholesome than the BBC version of the office 3) If you haven't heard, they have a movie coming out in July. I'll pay your way if you go :-)

Luther's Stein said...


I will go if you pay my way!

adam said...

Baylor, I know you would! You pervert. Man, I tell you what...

I travel a cold and lonesome highway. You reprobates might ask, "what highway is that"? Well son, It is referred to as "the narrow way".

Luther's Stein said...

More like the "highway to hell" Thomas! Yeah, I know you know that song! It is probably your ring-tone!

Chris Bruno said...

Since I am a critical realist, I think that I can understand David's meaning to some degree, and I think that he is referring to the 60 pages from NTPG.
I have fond memories of reading those pages in my little room during my trip to Oxford last May.

NWMihelis said...

Baylor and Thomas:

Do you boys need to take this outside?