Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad Words and Foul Language

A comment Pitchford made on one of my posts a little while back got me thinking about a number of legitimately good, in some cases, biblical words that were ruined for me during my college years, thanks in large part to chapel "speakers". As I pondered some of them, I realized I wasn't the only one out there, so I offer a few samples below and would be interested to hear if there are any others floating out there that some of my peers choke on as well. Here's my offering:

Balance - of course, this was one of the ones that sparked my thinking. Since the vast majority of the folks encouraging me to seek such a position, had little concept of what true balance was, for YEARS, I thought this was a cuss word and still struggle in my conscience with using it. It was frequently employed in the context of free will (not to be confused with responsibility) vs. sovereignty, the balanced position of course being the one that trumped free will and squelched sovereignty.

Deference - While I completely reconize the fact that I am at times to restrain my blood bought liberty for the sake of others, I used to equate this term with not having the balls to confront pharisees masquerading as "weaker brothers" and "educate their consciences."

Brokeness - This was another one I had trouble coming to terms with because I equated it with going forward, crying at "revival" services (don't worry, that's next on the list) and burning or smashing my ccm (for those unaccquainted with the terms, think of it as standing for Christ honoring Christian music). Since then, I've come to grips with the fact that it's actually a biblical term employed by the psalmist.

Revival - It's NOT actually something you schedule once a semster/quarter, and if it occurs contiguous with the preaching of an "evangelist" or "revivalist" then the circumstances are pure coincidence (and that's coming from a Calvinist - the use of coincidence that is). Again, it's not necessarily equated with smashing cd's, tossing sticks in the fire or filling out decision cards. No, it's actually a biblical term and best summarized as learning to glorify God BY enjoying Him forever.

I could probably go on, but I'll stop there for now, but by all means, if there are any other suggestions out there, put them in the comments section...


Pitchford said...

I just have to add "excellence" -- which usually means, submitting to a more stringent list of a-biblical standards, dressing more in accordance with the western corporate ideal, etc.

Luther's Stein said...

Nice call.

Nate Mihelis said...

yes Pitch, and in fact, excellence as you have defined it was also frequently equated and used interchangeably with "godliness"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the oft-used battle cry: "Arrogant!"

Defending that (usually ill-founded) charge is one of life's interesting challenges, isn't it?


smlogan said...

except in your case -
when it's actually true.

upg (just needed to end with that)