Monday, May 14, 2007

Work Smart, Not Hard

This advice was given to me at one of my first jobs and has stuck with me ever since. If you haven't seen this already, Danny Zacharias has gone a long way in pointing out some great ways to implement the internet to do just that in The Wired Scholar. Still not convinced? Are you sick of typing bibliographies and too cheap to buy citation? I am (and was) and for once procrastination has paid off - one of the tools Zacharias points out is OttoBib. All you have to do is input the isbn number (which you could always find online) generates a bibliographic entry for you in either MLA, APA or most importantly Turabian. And that's just one of the tools....

(HT: Mike Bird)

1 comment:

smlogan said...

some of us have been building our bib for years instead of re-typing it for every paper like you
(not to mention loaning it to friends for their senior doctrinal owe me).

of course, that was manually - but it seems that perhaps the hard way was the smart way to begin with?!?

in any case, you were right about one thing - you are a procrastinator!