Thursday, May 03, 2007

Joe Zichterman

Remember A Passion for Thee and Perfect Peace? While I have heard snippets here and there, first hand second hand, three time removed and embellished, it's good to hear a first hand account of how the Lord has been working in Joe's life. If you haven't heard the lecture he delivered a few weeks back at TEDS (yeah, we know...easy sweet guys) check it out on his website here. Look for the audio link Why I joined Willow Creek Community Church. You might not like it all, but it's definately interesting. Of course you can check out all the dorm room gossip in the usual place(s) after (if your sanctification can stand it), but make sure you hear what he has to say first.

(HT: J to the Third Power) While this hat tip may seem strange seeing at the time I posted this there was nothing on his to who it is due leads me to tip my hat to Jones for pointing to this link. Likewise, I believe he has some thoughts brewing that will most likely shared in the next 24 hours or so--so keep your eyes on J to the Third Power too!

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smlogan said...

for a real treat, check out what his formerly-fundy-friends have to say about him on his brother-in-law's uber-fundy site: SharperIron.

it's been 60 days hasn't it, nate?
you know you want to...