Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Apologies

I really need to start reading things in their entirety before posting links to them. If you haven't read Kostenberger's review of Drama, which I linked to a week or two ago, don't bother. I just printed and read it and Barker, I'm sorry...I SHOULD have linked to yours instead. If you do feel lead or already did yourself the disservice of reading it, either disregard it and read the book anyway or at LEAST read Vanhoozer's response here (which Kostenberger had the decency to post).

It's not surprising that the review appeared on a blog and not in SBL since Vanhoozer is regularly misread, misrepresented and/or misunderstood. In fact, the tone is very fundamentalist-ish and belongs more to the fbf's Frontline, Sharper Iron, or Sword of the Lord genre (a tone and spirit I'm fighting to hold back here...and probably failing) than an academic review. [Ironically enough, my computer just shut down while I was typing this due to the battery dying. I told my wife if the stuff I just typed was lost, then I'd take it as the Lord indicating it was inappropriate--it's still here...phew :-)]. It's surprising that he declares himself a Vanhoozer fan at the end because nothing in the review suggests it. All told I was VERY dissapointed and my lesson was learned.


Luther's Stein said...


so glad to see the Lord brought repentance.

Nate Mihelis said...

How bout just a simple "your forgiven" for old time sake?

Russell W. White said...


smlogan said...

have seen the interchange, and was surprised (as well) at kberger's tone (especially in light of the fact that he studied at teds).

i was in class with him the day he covered bahktin (mentioned in his counter), and vanhoozer seemed frustrated by the fact that people are setting 'drama' up as a model and metaphor when he intends no such thing. he thinks salvation-history actually IS a theo-drama.
(he alludes to as much in his response to kostenberger...if i recall, saying something to the effect of: "i'm not sure it is just a model.")

if my hearing was correct, he's speaking much more like the prophet joel in saying:
"this is that."