Thursday, February 16, 2006

Driscoll on Bono, the Rich and the Poor

For those unfamiliar with Mark Driscoll, he's the Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seatle, WA. Driscoll is widely recognized within the Emerging Church conversation (see previous post) though he does not make some of the extreme theological and epistemological concessions that some have criticized the movement for. Osborne and I were talking with Piper about him last week in Winston Salem and his evaluation was: "Mark is a good guy and he has his head on straight theologically speaking." Driscoll will be speaking at the Bethlehem Conference on Postmodernism this fall. Anyway, all that to say Mark recently posted on his blog regarding some comments made by Bono at the national prayer breakfast regarding the poor. Without taking him to task, Mark offers an excellent clarification regarding a biblical perspective on the rich and poor. He pairs "poverty theology" alongside "prosperity theology" and argues that BOTH have missed the point. They are both guilty of focusing on finances, when instead, the issue is righteousness. If you're interested in Bono, Driscoll or a brief biblical perspective on wealth, check out his post here.

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