Sunday, February 26, 2006

Info on Tim Keller

Tim Keller has been a person of interest to me for a few years now. I have heard D.A. Carson describe him favorably on so many occaisions, the most recent in relation to the Emerging Church Movement. Carson said something to the effect that "Tim Keller's Church has all of the strenghts of the emerging movement and none of the weaknesses." This only increased my interest. However, Redeemer Pres' website has very little (if any) info about him. I recently came across this link and found it to be a helpful introduction. It gives a brief sketch, but more importantly links to a bunch of his messages.


djchuang said...

You may be also interested in reading the New York Times feature on Tim Keller's Redeemer church, while it's still available online at

NWMihelis said...


If you read this, your url got cut off on the comment, and I would be very interested to read the article. I was under the impression that you had to be a member or have a subscription to read even the online edition, but if not please repost the url. Thanks for the heads up.