Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Helpful Stuff on the Emerging Church

Here's another good resource for getting acquainted with the Emerging Church. It's at wikipedia (of course).


Tim Barker said...

After a cursory reading not bad for Wikipedia on emerging church. A resource that I have found challenging in ministering to singles of the current generation is a compilation work "The Relevant church." The work edited by Jennifer Ashley is not statedly Emerging church yet Mark Driscoll has a chapter and the views of other churches such as Mosaic Manhattan, Mosaic L.A., and 24-7 Prayer are on par. The work is geared at young adults, and it is intended to accent thoughts outside the box. I have appreciated Godward focus comin out of the chapters and a connectability with the new generation. The articles do change the mold of the traditional church.

LMLogan said...
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