Sunday, February 05, 2006

GNT Audio (and some Hebrew)

If you're interested in hearing the GNT read with modern pronunciation by a native Grecian (no, not me), click here. Though the whole NT is not finished yet, it is in process and a number of books are already complete. Apologies to the budding Hebrew scholars, only Genesis has been done so far. The good news is all the files are free downloads in mp3 format. Props to PJ Williams from Evangelical Textual Criticism (and Aberdeen) for identifying this resource.


David said...

happy to see that you're out in the blogosphere. looks like you've got several highquality posts already. it's great to be back in some sort of contact with you nate.

NWMihelis said...

Thanks and likewise. Any word on Jenicia (sp?)? P.S. Tom Dailey says "hey"