Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Intro to the Emerging Church "Movement"

There is a lot of discussion that has taken place both in published format and online regarding the Emerging (or Emergent) Church. For those trying to figure out exactly what this discussion is about, Scott McKnight has written an article that serves as an introduction to the conversation here. From some of the things I've seen on his blog (see Jesus Creed on the blog roll at the left) as well as who has endorsed some of his recent books, McKnight seems to be one of the few PhD's that the Emerging Church folks seem comfortable around (Tom Wright being another one, curiously). Also, from what I've gathered, he is simpathetic with the movement, though he does offer a few cautions (see the article). Justin Taylor also had a series of posts on his blog (starting here) that served as a useful introduction for me. The forthcoming (Spring '06) edition of the Criswell Theological Review is going to be dedicated to this topic and will include interviews from those in the movement as well as those without (Al Mohler, specifically).


LMLogan said...

Hey Nate! Just thought I'd drop a note - my sister and her husband are moving to Ashville with several other families in their church. They are starting a church there - after the emerging church. They even went out to - is it Washington State or Colorado - wherever the main church is out there, to learn more about it.
If you'd like I'll give you their info. and you can "interview" them. Just thought you'd be interested. :)

NWMihelis said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm assuming Washington State (Seattle)if they went to Mars Hill (Driscoll's church). I would love their contact info, though it will probably be a while before I could contact them. Maybe a website or email if you have that stuff too1