Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hats off to Dave Jaspers

Yes, I know you probably never thought you'd hear those words coming out of my mouth. Those of you who know me and who also know him, are aware that our soteriology does not exactly mesh, and that's a big deal to me. Likewise, I am gravely dissapointed at some of the ministry partners he has chosen in the past. Nevertheless, I recently discovered that he resigned as president of MBBC, you can read the entire letter over at Sharper Iron (No there's no hyperlink, find it yourself :-) It's not the fact that he resigned, so much as WHY he said he resigned. Part of his reasoning was, and I quote:

"I have also been greatly convicted about the kind of model I have been to a watching generation. For too long, the landscape of Fundamentalism has been dominated by workaholic leaders who have sacrificed their families for the success of their ministries."

My respect for the man went THROUGH THE ROOF when I read those statements. I know exactly what he is talking about and have observed the same landscape. I am thrilled to see that though he admits to making mistakes in the past, he is committed to rectifying those errors at any cost. I'm sure it was a painful, difficult decision, as it brings many consequences with it; nevertheless, it was the right one, and so for what it's worth from a young punk, Dr. Jaspers you've chosen wisely.


smlogan said...

you're right mihelis,
i never thought i'd see the day.
you and demas...the 'apostasia' has come indeed.

and thanks for excluding the link to 'sharperiron'. just add it to your favorites and be done with it; you know you want to.

okay, i'm off to shaperiron...
bet YOU never thought you'd hear those words from MY mouth!
see what a debilitating influence you are on me?

LMLogan said...

well from one who has actually attended MBBC - I'm sure the faculty and student body will greatly miss him!
What a wise and hard decision he has made!
Thanks for sharing Nate!

jeileenbaylor said...

wow! I really appreciate his sacrifice for ministry with his family! What a great example!

journeyer said...

wow. thanks for the update