Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yet another Grad in the family!

Here's one of the primary reasons I haven't been online lately...I was in New Hampshire this weekend for my Mom's graduation. It was sort of a whirlwind tour; I left VA Beach Thursday night at 9pm (after work) and her graduation was at 10am the next morning. I managed to make the trip in just over 11 hours (it's normally 12). I spent the day with them and partied with the fam in the afternoon and my folks and my Mom's fellow grads that evening. I finally went to sleep around 1opm Friday night, got up 9am Saturday and headed back to VA at 10 am. As a result I've been catching up on sleep...and life over the past few days.

The pic above is of me, my Dad and the grad on her special day. Not only did she go back to school after being out for over two decades, she graduated with her Associates degree in Nursing (RN) and with honors to boot! Though I've already expressed it to her personally, I wanted to publically express how proud of her I am! Posted by Picasa


MOsborne20 said...

Praise the Lord Nate. We are excited and praying for all that God is doing in your family.

LMLogan said...

tell your mom I said CONGRATS!! I believe I met her once!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your mom!! School is hard enough when you're young and in the groove, but to go back later in life is quite a feat. My mom and my grandma both did and I respect them a lot for it, and I know you do too, Nate.