Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On the Phones

Well, I was on the phones for my first time tonight, for about 45 minutes. I thought some of you might appreciate hearing how my first call went. There's good news and bad news. The good news: I collected check by phone on my first contact. That's the most valuabe form of payment from our company's perspective and one of the more difficult ones to accquire. Way to go Nate right? Don't forget, the bad news is still coming. The bad news: Not only did the man scream at me for several minutes (though he did clarify that he was not upset at me), he also was so disturbed by the fees that had accrued to his account that he forcefully requested that I close his account with us right there over the phone. Ooops. Score: 1 CBP for Nate, -1 Customer for my employer. I can only go up from here...I hope.


Anonymous said...


Good job on your first CBP!! I pray that the collection gods will make the first of many for you. Remember though, the collection gods help those who help themselves, so always AWT back to the facts!!


dwilson said...

Nate don't worry about the -1 customer...there are many more - customers that are unhappy about the fees. Way to go with the payment though.

smlogan said...

loved your anecdote...
but have you so soon forgotten that I was fired from that place for merely recording a list of funny names to send to an old dying man?
i know none of your info was as "intimate and personal" as mine was said to have been (though they could've been found in any common phonebook); just trying to watch your back.

hopefully, they don't know you have a blog; but, even in my short time there (3 weeks), i sensed an abnormal affinity to the brilliant political monster "big brother", as set forth in Orwell's classic: 1984.

they're ALWAYS watching (and in your case - listening to) you.

Mwelwa said...

It could be worse. One lady told Mike osborn once that the fatal car accidents are highest in our age group and that she hoped he died on his way home from work that night. So, I can't say that things will get "better".