Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Though I know I said I'd post last weekend since my work would be done, this is the first chance I've had. Yes, all of my graduation requirements are done (I walk on Sunday); however, I have been experiencing technical difficulties regarding my online connection (read: my neighbors moved). Unless our new neighbors have wireless, we may need to accquire it for ourselves (imagine that). In the meantime, I'm still trying to workout a schedule that gels with my HSBC schedule but still allows me to get someplace with free wireless without neglecting my wife (who is working days for the next week an a half while I'm working nights). I think I may have figured out how to make it work, so the posts should be more regular in the next day or two. In an attempt to hold (or obtain) your interest, Bruno's example inspired me to post my reading list for the next few months and open it up for suggestions and input, so that's probably what's coming in the next day or two.


robertlhall said...

If you stay on Eden coming out of HSBC and cross Greenbriar, you'll be at the Library in less than five minutes. You could go there on breaks and use their free wireless. I do that sometimes.

LMLogan said...

yes please don't neglect to wife!! :)

(just thought I'd add a wifey comment here!!)

dwilson said...

You could also go to Paneara bread, they have free wi/fi, and Dawn could meet you there for lunch.

jeileenbaylor said...

yes, mihelis... we were all just DYING to hear from you again!

p.s. choose DAWN every time :o)