Sunday, May 14, 2006

Righting Wrong Stories About Wright

The poor guy has been subjected to so many puns regarding his name, but somehow, having the warped sense of humor that I do, I can't help contributing to the abuse. He's probably numb to it by now anyway. I wanted to provide a heads up regarding a correction to an apocryphal Wright story that reflects poorly on him. You can read the correction in Tom's own words here. I came across this link on another blog (props to Bruno), and I normally don't repeat posts I assume you're already reading, but I felt some responsibility here. One of my first posts on this blog was a link to some audio lectures by Carson on the NPP. Though the lectures are good and a valuable introduction to the discussion, the apocryphal story alluded to here was propogated (at least in part), by those lectures. I wanted to set the record...straight (I was so tempted to say wright) both for accuracy sake, but also because of my appreciation of Tom's contributions.

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