Friday, June 09, 2006

Adam Thomas is Vindicated!!! Sort of...

Adam Thomas, friend, fellow framer, former fundamentalist (okay, the "f"s were just rolling off my fingertips) of Thomas Colloquiums fame had been berated and mocked repeatedly by Tim Baylor (Luther's Stein) regarding his (AT's) addiction to and alleged typology of Jack Bauer and 24. However, AT has recently been vindicated by a similar observation from Mark Driscoll (a significant leader in the Emerging Church Movement, for those who aren't familiar with him). For the details, see Is Jack Bauer a Type of Christ?

Incidently, my favorite quote from the post is:

"24 is easily the best show on television despite the many reasons it conceivably should not be."

He's right!


Luther's Stein said...

Wow! Look at the type of crowd Thomas is running with! The emerging church crowd! While I have been known to watch 24, I am going to have to say that, along with the show's writting, Thomas's theology of 24 emerged right out of the toilet! My question is, can Thomas establish continuity between 24 and the Gilmore Girls?

Chris Bruno said...

I hate to make a serious comment here, but Driscoll probably shouldn't be classified as emergent. Here is a quote from his blog (

"I eventually had to distance myself from the Emergent stream of the network because friends like Brian McLaren and Doug Pagitt began pushing a theological agenda that greatly troubled me. Examples include referring to God as a chick, questioning God’s sovereignty over and knowledge of the future, denial of the substitutionary atonement at the cross, a low view of Scripture, and denial of hell which is one hell of a mistake.
Since that time I have frankly not known what my place is in the greater church."

Luther's Stein said...

Thanks for the heads up Chris

NWMihelis said...


I didn't mean anything negative by identifying him with the emerging church movement (or emergent as you mentioned--I'm not inclined to be so precise as to distinguish, though I know others do). I'm not sure what the context is of the "network" he's referring to; I'd have to see the quote in a larger context. However, simply distancing one's self from someone like McLaren does not necessarily distance that individual from the EM. In fact, this is what Carson has received so much flak over: the EM is much larger than Brian McLaren or Doug Pagitt and has a number of "streams" to it.

While I do appreciate the force of the quote that you cited, the title of his book released last month leads me to assume (though I admit assumptions are dangerous) that he has not entirely emerged from the emerging church movement. "Confessions of a Reformission Rev: Hard Lessons From an Emerging Missional Church." I admit, I haven't read it yet, and it is possible that it may not be about what it sounds like, but I'm inclined to think the subtitle is refering to his experience at Mars Hill. Thanks for the input though, I definately don't want to misrepresent someone.

AT's fascination with GG may indicate his emergence from something or somewhere else :-0
(of course I never mind misrepresenting Thomas!)

adam said...

ALL rise...The honorable ADAM THOMAS has arrived (the audience applauds...still applauding...)

Adam said: Thank you, so much Mihelis, please, everyone be seated.

Issue number one: Mihelis, your a good man, sort of. I mean the ability to humbly admit my glory and acknowledge my incredible exegetical abilities and acute cultural analysis is, well, the right thing to do.

Issue number two: As for you Baylor, must I say once again, come unto me and learn of me. Or perhaps I could put in framer's vernacular "stick with dad, he'll learn ya".

Issue number three: Is Driscoll emergent/emerging (whatever) or not? I am going to the DGM conf. in September and he is speaking. So what is the story?

Chris Bruno said...

Sorry I did not give a full link to the quote:

Here is self-identifying quote from Driscoll (same page):
"Theologically I am an old school Bible-thumper, and culturally I am a progressive because my heart burns for the church to be an effective missionary to the culture for the gospel."

That is appealing to me. I am planning/praying/hoping to make it the DG national conference.
I think there is going to be a tag-team steel cage wrestling match:
Tim "Killer" Keller and Mark "Mad Dog" Driscoll
D.A. "Don't call me Don" Carson and David F. Wells
Special Guest Referee, "Rowdy" Johnny Piper

Luther's Stein said...

Shirt Ripping . . . "OOOOOOOOOWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!" (Macho Man Randy Hummell . . . I mean Savage)

adam said...

The 1980's wrestling jargon is AWESOME. Bruno that introduction cannot be duplicated! thanks. It really takes me to a time a place :)

Good follow Baylor.

Tim Barker said...


Vindication. A type under every bush and in every tree. Maybe I can use Frank Peretti as a type for you!! :) Hey, but nonetheless Thomas all your TV watching has made you culturally conversant.

To All: Count Down to DGM conference 111 days.

OTwannabe said...


I actually think with AT's knack at finding a type behind every bush, we should type him as Mel Gibson's character from Conspiracy Theory who was able to find the conspiracy behind everything.

I better watch out though because Thomasmania is going to run wild over me, brother.

NWMihelis said...

What a bunch of screwballs! Yet, I still delight to call you all friends (though I'm not sure what that says about me:-0)

eliosduck said...

hrrrm someone once told me that if you take a little religion, a little mental illness and put them both in a container and shake them up they explode....just wanted to share that with you all.

NWMihelis said...


NWMihelis said...


Hey buddy, I hate to break it to you but if you comment on a post that's two months old, the likelyhood of anyone reading it other than me is pretty slim. Sorry!