Monday, June 26, 2006

On Breaking Fellowship with Believers

Though such a title may sound strange coming from my lips (or fingertips, as is the case), there's an interesting post by Mark Roberts on that very topic here. If you're not aware of the controversy currently rocking the PCUSA, you may want to read some of the other articles in this series. Roberts writes from an interesting standpoint having received all of his formal philosophical and theological training from Harvard, having taught at Fuller and pastored in the PCUSA for a number of years.

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OTwannabe said...

What piqued my interest in reading this article was the influence of one's background upon his/her views of doctrine, in this case separation. Emerging from an extreme indi-fundi, I have engrained in my sub-conscience the Pavlovian response to separate that doesn't mirror my paradigm or canon. On the other hand, my brother here is wrestling with separating from a denomination which is clearly condoning something contra the explicit teaching of the scriptures for the sake of possibly keeping unity in the body. Frankly, I am not able to empathize with him in his struggle; but we should pray for the PCUSA that the Christ and the gospel will be honored and glorified in this dark time.