Monday, June 19, 2006

Who ya' gonna call? You might be surprised.

I hesitate to post on this only because by putting it in a public domain, it increases the odds of my coming across it more often. However, the humor and irony of it all demand that I share it. I called someone at work today who had a history of hang ups noted. The person who answered was actually quite pleasant and though he informed me the individual I was calling for was not available, if I could hold a minute, his wife would get me an alternate number where I could reach the person I was looking for. After a few minutes of waiting, he asked me how I was doing today. I told him I was fine and asked how he was. "Fine" he responded. Right about then, the lady of the house came on the other line and said she had the number. "248-262-6861," I was pleasantly informed. "That's not a cell phone is it?" I queried, not wanting to call a cell without the owner's permission. "Not as far as I know" she responded. I thanked them and hung up.

Now, if your begining to wonder what in the world I'm doing publically offering private information, like someone's phone #, you've been had, just like I was. Though the number I listed above is the number I was given, it is by no means a private listing for someone's residence (I'd NEVER put that type of stuff in a public forum). No, the number listed above, I discovered both to my dismay and delight, is the number for the rejection hotline. Don't believe me? Give it a call. If it says all circuits are busy, be patient and try again until you get through. Trust me, it's worth it.


robertlhall said...

sweet. only we would understand.

dwilson said...

Nate, that phone # is funny. You should be honored to have received it.

Anonymous said...

Oh,My! That is way too funny! I am putting that number in my "may need to use this some day" file! Love ya! Mom :-)

Chris Bruno said...

Pretty funny stuff. Its a metro Detroit area code, so it would work well around here.