Monday, June 12, 2006

God's Renewed Humanity - WSPRS

As I've been thinking about the Gospel while reading the gospels, my mind was drawn back to Chapter 8 of What Saint Paul Really Said. The chapter is entitled God's Renewed Humanity and contains some of the best reflections on anthropology I've ever read (I just reread it yesterday in between calls at work - nothing better than getting paid well to read good stuff :-). Since this section is so good, I thought I'd take a few posts and list the main points followed by a choice quote or two that is representative of the section. The major divisions are as follows:

1) The Centre of Renewed Humanity: Worship (incidentally Logan, that's not a typo, it's British spelling :)

2) The Goal of Renewed Humanity: Resurrection

3) The Transformation of Renewed Humanity: Holiness

4) The Coherence of Renewed Humanity: Love

5) The Zeal of Renewed Humanity: Mission

BTW: for those who might not be big Wright fans, WSPRS stands for What Saint Paul Really Said. For some reason, his fans (and some foes) have taken to abbreviating all of his books that way (and being a fan, I have followed suite). Thus, NTPG stands for The New Testament and the People of God, JVT = Jesus and the Victory of God TRSG (I think it is) = The Resurrection of the Son of God. I know I was confused by some of the abbreviations at first (I confused TRSG with TSKS from Wallace, but that's another story), so I thought this might be helpful.

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