Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Transformation of Renewed Humanity: Holiness

Remember, posts on a blog appear in reverse order; if you read this, I suggest going back and beginning with "God's Renewed Humanity - WSPRS." It will probably make more sense. On to the quotes of the day:

"Paganism is a self-destructive mode of being human; Paul offers, instead, the fulfilment of the Jewish vision of humanity, a humanity characterized by wisdom and holiness."

- WSPRS, p. 143.

On the Galatians' struggle with embracing Torah:

"They have seen their former pagan idolatry and immorality for what they are, and are determined to go instead for the way of true humanity, of holiness and worship. The 'agitators' (those who infiltrated the Galatian community after Paul had left) have told them that they can achieve this end by embracing Torah. Not so, says Paul: if you do that you will simply be emphasizing that which binds you to the old humanity, to the a result, you will again be in the self-destructive mode of human existence. If you want the genuine article, you must walk by the Spirit, whose fruit is love, joy and peace."

- WSPRS, p. 144.

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