Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm No Superman

For the last year, NBC's The Office was my favorite comedy, having bumped The Simpsons which was the front runner for the previous 4 years. However, I came to the realization this morning (since I work nights, my wife records any show worth watching for's nice to fast forward through the commercials) that Scrubs has dethroned The Office. While The Office has given me much comedic relief in view of my occupational circumstances (i.e. a cubicle jockey), the show is beginning to degenerate into a pathetic romantic comedy. Meanwhile, Scrubs has just been getting better. Particularly amusing is J.D.'s current sitz im leben as a "tent dwelling, poop fainter, that can't drive" (yes, that is a quote). I admit, in view of my bloggin dearth as of late, this may be a pathetic return post, but's where I'm at.


adam said...

Hey, ain't no shame in gettin' tired of The Office. I was loving the Office all last season, but now I am just tired of the same ol' thing, Jim and his torn love. Boring...I mean c'mon.

However, as with the Simpsons, I don't really like Scrubs. I am kind of transitioning into 30Rock. That show can be hilarious.

Nate Mihelis said...

I don't watch it enough to appreciate it fully, but the episodes I've seen of 30 Rock have definately set me to giggling.

Nate Mihelis said...

But hey, how can you not laugh at a guy who passes out when he poops?

smlogan said...

because that is what your infant son does!!! and it shouldn't happen to a full grown - dare i abuse the term by applying it to zach braff - man.

as for the office...who has bewitched you? (at too).
i'll agree that the storyline of thwarted love is overplayed, but you still can't beat schroot and scott at a dinner party: dwight asks the owner how much sq. footage the house boasts, and michael rebutts him for being inappropriate; next thing out of his mouth - "how much did you pay for this place?"
not to mention that dwight went on to give a full-scale inspection of the place which included, but was not limited to, shots of him: 1)flailing on the banister (to ensure structural integrity), and
2)sitting in a rocking chair (in the dark) in kid's room - who is more than a little disturbed when he wakes up to find dwight staring at him, and asking him: "who makes these chairs?"
"i dunno." replies the child...
"what DO you know?" says schroot...
(who then leaves the room in disgust).