Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some more misc. stuff...

Though it's probably not normally good blog etiquette to repost a previous post, this is worth it. I don't know who created this database, or why it's free of charge, but if you haven't found occasion to use the gethuman database, you'll want to save it to your favorites for when you may need it. I'm reposting the link today because I used it today for the first time. My Mom's flying in US Airways and there've been some complications with her connections. We were trying to find out what was going on and my wife had been on hold waiting to speak to a person with US Airways for 10 minutes. I decided to give the database a shot. I pulled it up, dialed the 800 number they had listed, hit 4 then 1, just like it said and was immediately speaking to a human. By the time my wife got a representative to access my mom's info, I had already booked her on another flight and hung up the phone. The rep my wife had was able to confirm the info already. Cool stuff. If only all of life were that simple.

Also, I came across another valuable NT resource site, this one sponsored by Roy Ciampa at GCTS. Check it out here.
(HT: Nijay Gupta)

Finally, how bout a UK PhD without having to leave the states (until your viva)? Check it out here, but it would mean having to live in MN. Yuck, except it would be sweet to go to Bethlehem. It's through evangelical institutions (versus a Uni), so it depends on what you're looking for; nevertheless, only $12,000 a year and no classwork - hard to dismiss.
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