Friday, February 16, 2007

Vanhoozer Does it Again

While some of my friends are freezing in the windy city this weekend rubbing shoulders with the man himself, I'm stuck here in VA Beach reading his latest. My wonderful wife blessed me this past Valentine's Day with a TNIV and Drama of Doctrine:

After all, nothing says luvin' like dynamic equivalence and an orange theology book (no sarcasim here either; I couldn't ask for a better gift - she knows me well). Anyway, I'll be wrapping up Longenecker's book this week (still no sarcasm here, I'm really planning on finishing it - even ahead of schedule), so I thought I'd take a peak at Drama of Doctrine this morning and I was not dissappointed. Just a few pages into the preface and I was hooked. Listen to these words:

"Theological competance is ultimately a matter of being able to make judgments that display the mind of Christ" (p. 2).

Vanhoozer writes at the highest level of scholarship, yet never seems to lose his relevance.


G said...

I did some reading from the section on the canon in Drama for my bibliology papers and was very impressed. Enjoy the reading.

Luther's Stein said...


Vanhoozer said "Hi."

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate:
How do you like your new TNIV?
Is it the TNIV Study Bible?
-another TNIV fan in Michigan

smlogan said...

whatever baylor...
jb told me that when you went to shake the hooz's hand, you bailed at the last second out of fear.

adam said...

You reading strategies are interesting. How you finish any one book in light of starting so many is amazing to me.

Just a thought:
How many books do you have sitting around 1/2 read?

Nate Mihelis said...

Baylor: no more "the hooze?"

Anon: I like it, I like it.

Logan: Well said.

Thomas: All of them...except one fish two fish and skip to my lou. Incidently congratulations pop, I saw it on your blog but haven't seen you!