Sunday, February 25, 2007

This Week

I've changed the books in my right margin to reflect that latest in my reading ventures. Longenecker has been removed NOT because I gave up but because I am finishing him up tonight (5 pages to go). Thus, my goal is to try and have an informal review up in the next few days, if not by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I'm back on the phones at work. I was temporarily assigned to a training post...however, I didn't anticipate temporary would only mean 4 days. However, it's been good. The Lord has taught me that above all I need to be content where he has me and focus my prayers and concerns on obtaining the grace necessary to perservere where I'm at rather than praying for the job that I think will enable me to persevere. Above all, the Lord has imprinted on my consciousness the words of Job, that great calvinist of old: "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away...blessed be the name of the Lord."

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